Material for Sport ground
It is performed polymer end capping with isocyanate, which is colorless or light yellow viscous liquid.
It applies to make rubber bricks, which is used for paving kindergarten, exercise yard and health-building ground.
This product has excellent adhesive forces with rubber granules. The rubber bricks produced by this product have good elasticity and gas permeability, excellent mechanical property. According to the customers’ requirements we can regulate different color wares by adding different pigments, which also meet the requirement of IAAF standard.        
Usage method
Batch charging according to the following table, after sufficiently blending, then makes moulding wares.
Mould Temperature 120-160℃
Ratio Adhesive:Rubber granules=(5-10):100
Demould time 10-20nin
Pot life15-25℃ 1.5-2h
Packing &Storage
200Kg galvanization iron drum.
Store in a cool, dry and ventilating place.
Keep out of the direct sun; Keep away from heat source and water source.
This product easily absorbs moisture and goes bad. If you can’t use it up at a time, filling nitrogen gas and then sealing it.The storage time of original binding is 3 months. 
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